This year, at the Presbyterian General Assembly, LGBTQ people & allies of the upcoming generation will claim their birthright at members of a just & inclusive church.

28 May 2008

Already Ordained

"The issue before the church is not whether persons of this or that sexual orientation can be ordained to ministry. They are already ordained to ministry by virtue of baptism...The real question is one of stewardship of gifts...What we are truly summoned to decide is not who among the baptized receives these spiritual gifts or who is entitled exercise them. The Holy Spirit decides that. We are summoned, rather, to receive these gifts with joy and gratitude and to be the kind of church that orders its life in such a way that these gifts are honored, exercised and nourished to the glory of God and the blessing of the world."

-Thomas Long,
Candler School of Theology,
Emory University, Decatur, GA

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