This year, at the Presbyterian General Assembly, LGBTQ people & allies of the upcoming generation will claim their birthright at members of a just & inclusive church.

28 May 2008

Already Ordained

"The issue before the church is not whether persons of this or that sexual orientation can be ordained to ministry. They are already ordained to ministry by virtue of baptism...The real question is one of stewardship of gifts...What we are truly summoned to decide is not who among the baptized receives these spiritual gifts or who is entitled exercise them. The Holy Spirit decides that. We are summoned, rather, to receive these gifts with joy and gratitude and to be the kind of church that orders its life in such a way that these gifts are honored, exercised and nourished to the glory of God and the blessing of the world."

-Thomas Long,
Candler School of Theology,
Emory University, Decatur, GA

27 May 2008

Fred - (R)evolutionary

I'm Fred and I'm a grad student. I first discovered that I have feelings for the same-sex when I was around 12 or so, a year before I received Christ as my Savior. For many years, it was a struggle for me to accept that I am gay, because the church kept saying that being gay is wrong. I finally came to terms that I cannot hide my gay feelings forever. It'll make me a liar if I do. Our God is all-loving and gracious, and He accepts who I am. In Christ, I know I am free.

I am a Presbyterian for over 14 years already. I am currently attending St. John's Presbyterian Church, Berkeley, CA, and I love attending it because it is a welcoming church to gay Christians. Being a foreigner and coming from a hometown whose churches still are relatively conservative and, dare I say, still opposed to homosexuality, I am excited to know that there had been so much progress in the acceptance of gay Christians in the US. At the same time, I realize that there are other gay Christian equality issues unsettled. I'm excited about New Church (R)evolution and I'm excited to be part of the team. I think it's going to be a great step forward for gay Presbyterians at the General Assembly this year.

Look, Ma! We're on TV!

Well, okay, it's actually You Tube, but it's still really cool. Muchisimas gracias to Fred & Richard for putting this bad boy together!

And thanks to Richard & Lisa for going all the way to the edge (of a cliff!)to get the message out for this one!

Steven Andrews - (R)evolutionary

My name is Steven Andrews, and I'm a New Church

By the time General Assembly begins in late June, I will be
twenty-five years old, certified and ready to receive a
quarter-life crisis. I am already an Inquirer, exploring a
call to ministry in the Presbyterian Church. I am also a
former atheist, former correctional educator, and current
student at Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta. All
this sounds fine so far, but I'm also openly bisexual, and
therein lies the rub.

As part of the NCR(e) team at this year's GA, I hope to work
for the full inclusion of LGBTQ people in the life and work
of the Presbyterian Church. For too long (because any
amount of time marginalized is too long), we have been
second-class citizens in the church, able to exist and
participate to some extent, but not to participate fully.
Not to be allowed to follow God's call into ordination as
deacons, elders, and ministers. Not to have our loving,
committed relationships celebrated and affirmed by our family
of faith.

I have been ordained as a deacon and become an Inquirer only
because, until recently, I have been willing to hide one
aspect of who I am. But now things are different, and I
hope that this change in me will help bring about change in
the church. At GA, I will be part of a team participating
in fun and creative actions that model a new way forward for
Presbyterians, and building relationships with people who
make decisions on the policies that impact me and people
like me. I have faith that through these actions and these
relationships, we can encourage PC(USA) to move in a more
inclusive direction, reflecting the God of love and
hospitality we attempt to faithfully serve.

14 May 2008


So you know how people put those annoying little quotes at the end of their ememail messages? Alright, maybe you're one of them, and I'm not saying you're annoying. In any case, this little quote from Helen Keller slid in to my inbox today:
" While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done.."

I think it's the point of the New Church ( R)evolution. We keep hearing that the church isn't ready for full equality for lgbtq members. But we believe the church is ready. We're certain of it. A new generation of faithful Christians has already decided.
And also, blind girls rock.

The Revolution Starts Now

"Don't you know
Talkin' 'bout a revolution
Like a whisper..."
-Tracy Chapman

"Last night I had a dream
That the world had turned around
And all our hopes had come to be
And the people gathered ‘round.
They all brought what they could bring
And nobody went without
And I learned a song to sing...
The revolution starts NOW."
-Steve Earl